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Forestry Foreign Affairs Office


          Foreign Forestry Affairs Office (FFAO) was formerly called Foreign Relation Section under the Planning and Information Technology Bureau. It was established on March 8, 2011 as an internal office under commanding directly of Director-General of the Royal Forest Department before turning to be under administrative management of Deputy Director General.


  1. To be the center for cooperation, negotiation, determination of position, and international forestry operations within international community.
  2. To study, survey and gather information for analyzing and processing in order to determining the position of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand for negotiation and working in accordance with international forestry cooperation.

  3. To manage funds, plans, and budgets for the implementation of international programs and the approval to travel abroad of all officials.
  4. To process for permission application to study abroad for all officials.
  5. To work and support works of the department in implementing bilateral, multilateral, regional, and international as well as international obligations and cooperation with the United Nations and international forestry organizations.
  6. To promote, disseminate, and publicize regarding international forest cooperation.
  7. To work with or support other related or assigned works.